Friday Aug 28th, 2020



We are all familiar with common tile patterns such as: subway tile in a brick-like layout; simple square or diamond layout; and of course herringbone pattern that brings elegance to a space. However, floor tile can be laid out in soooo many more interesting and beautiful patterns. If you'd like to stand out from the crowd, check out these uncommon layout ideas that look stunning and make your home look anything but common!


1. LARGE HEXAGON ...when you want to feel a little less square


2. HOPSCOTCH ...when you'd like to celebrate The New & The Old... little more eclectic


3. FISH SCALE ...when you'd like your space to feel a little more like a vacation retreat


4. HEXAGONAL CIRCLES ...when you'd like to take a relaxing bubble bath... everyday!


5. STRIPED ...when you want a space to look long & roomy


6. BANDS ...when you want a small narrow space to look less like a tunnel


7. INSET STRIPES ...when your space is already the perfect shape


8. BORDERED ...when you want a built-in rug that stands the test of time


9. PENNY FLORETS ...when you want to add charm without adding budget


10. SOLID OVERSIZED ...when you don't want to see a patern at all


As you can see, there really are many options when it comes to floor tile patterns - so get creative. Forget about common ...next time you tile a space don't be afraid to try one of these uncommon patterns. Gauranteed... you'll be absolutely floored! (haha sorry I couldn't resist!).        Google the name of your favourite floor patterns to see them in different spaces. 

I hope you've found this info useful & inspiring. Let me know if you have - I'd love to hear from you!

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