Friday Sep 04th, 2020


Spring & summer bring many things that most of us look forward to like... warm sunny days... the colourful wonder of a flower... humminbirds that buzz about...you get the picture. Sometimes these two beautiful seasons awaken things we'd rather not see in our backyards...like a bears for example(!) The reality is, many of our neighbourhoods here on the west coast are home to all sorts of wildlife - bear being one of them.

The North Shore Black Bear Society recommends 6 simple tips if you happen to come across a bear in your back yard. Remember the bear is in your territory, so do what you can to safely discourage the bear.

Remember these 6 tips if you see a bear in your yard: 

1. Give the bear lots of space and go inside with your pets if they are with you.

2. If the bear is eating, let it finish - eating is its #1 priority!

3. From a safe vantage point, shout loudly, bang pots & pans & wave your arms to let the bear know it is not welcome. Remember to use your voice.

4. When the bear has left, remove all attractants from the yard. The bear will likely return several times to check for the same source of food that it found before.

5. Let your neighbours know about the bear & tell them to remove attractants.

6. Report your sighting to 604-990-BEAR (2327).

If you see a bear up a tree, give it space by leaving the area or going inside if you are at home. A black bear will climb a tree because it's anxious & stressed. Let the bear come down in its own time - it may even wait until nightfall. Don't bring extra attention to the bear by inviting friends & neighbours. When the bear is leaving and away from the tree, shout at it from the house or use noisemakers to reinforce that it's not welcome.

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